We have selected for you a series of sauces, ragù and pesto typically Italian, perfect to give value to our pasta of simple quality or stuffed. For every sauce we recommend the different types of fresh pasta to which you can pair it.
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  • Ravioli, quadratoni, cappellacci, delizie Pastì (fish, meat, vegetable)
  • Delizie with chocolate and orange peels Pastì & Chocolat Stella
  • Tagliatelle, tagliolini and taglierini Pastì
  • Tagliatelle with chocolate Pastì & Chocolat Stella
  • Lasagne Pastì
  • Gnocchi Pastì (all) Gnocchi Pastì & Chocolat Stella


      • 1kg of onions or leeks or shallots
      • 200 g of bacon
      • 100 g of tomato puree
      • 2 celery
      • 2 medium carrots
      • 1 bunch of laurel
      • 1 bunch of parsley
      • 1 glass of vegetable broth
      • Evo oil to taste
      • Salt, pepper to taste





20 minutes



4 persons (Indicatively, depending on the tastes, more or less seasoned)


Wash the vegetables, mince summarily (except carrots that are cut finely).

In a non-stick pan fry for 5 minutes the bacon, then drain the grease.

Combine the vegetables, the bunch of laurel, the stems of parsley and tomato pulp, wet with a cup of broth or water and cook for about 40 minutes: it is important that water doesn’t evaporate completely. Switch off, eliminate the laurel and the parsley stems, join the leaves of parsley, cool and blend with a blender.

You can store it in a jar in the refrigerator and use it as a fried for other dressings, or add oil, season with salt and pepper and use as a sauce.

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water (to boil). Drain al dente, taking by some cooking water. Drop gently pasta in a sauce prepared previously.

Mix the pasta to medium fire for 1 or 2 minutes, combining a little of the cooking water you held by , thus bringing the pasta to cook.