Our identity


Tradition,taste and passion.

Pastì is born from the taste for the good and genuine things products of the italian tradition.

The ancient food culture gains the passion and experience of serious industry profession such as us.

The purpose we offer is to keep alive the old traditions related to the territory,while paying attention to the needs of modern consumer and its news and different food needs.


Quality control of ingredients and preparation.

Priority is freshness.

At Pastì we make a constant activity and accurate control over the raw materials we use in order to guarantee to our customers a genuine and high quality product.

Our ingredients always come from areas chose to that of production.

In this way we guarantee the absolute freshness.


Continuous  innovation,commitment and selection.

At Pastì we carefully select the ingredients to produce pasta in various ways and with different fillings and flours that can satisfy the tastes and needs of all our customers.

For this reason we have also created a line for vegetarians and vegans that uses a basic dough without eggs and without products of animal origin.

Our kitchen creates recipes with the help of renowned chefs who develop products characterized by constant innovation and absolute uniqueness,but which are above all good.